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Assorted Carquinyolis, Marilyn's and cubans (150gr)

Especialitats Cobo
Price5,30 €

Assorted "carquinyoli, Marilyn's & cubans". Especialitats Cobo

These products are typical in Catalonia
Carquinyolis- made of flour, sugar and Marcona almonds selected. Specialty within the range of dry pasta and tea. It is a typical specialty and traditional native Catalan Espluga Francolí located in Conca de Barbera (Tarragona).
Marilyn's- made of flour, sugar and eggs. The smooth texture and cooking, along with this craft, hand reflects greatly on the quality and exquisite cookie.
Cuban-natural formulation and roll artisan, hand-make and delicious tasting cookies in essential high level. Adoption in great dessert category can be stuffed or served with cream of different composition, or fruit, dairy and dessert towers.
Enjoy all the privileges Cobo Specialties. The best of the best.
Serve with a good sweet wine! and enjoy !!