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Terms of service. Buy our catalan products safely.


This is an important issue for us, because we want to offer the maximum benefits.
In Catalonia and Spain National Freight work with, who currently offers the best comfort and the treatment we propose "You do not have to be home when it is awaiting delivery"

We explain the process:
We need your phone number when you order, and the National Freight company will contact you to agree best time for the delivery.

The transport fee is not included in the product price.
But we make our best to sum up in a per order basis.

Barcelona - City: 8€
- Barcelona Province: € 10 including VAT
- Catalonia: 11'50 € VAT included
- Peninsula and Andorra: € 12 including VAT
- Balearic Islands: 15 € including VAT

For orders from other countries we work with international freight forwarders.
Since we need to calculate transport fee.
You make confirmation of the order, but when you are at the payment page, please close it without making any payment or action. This way order will be pending and when you get our email with total cost included transport you may come back and finalise the order and payment.

2. Shipping

Delivery takes 2-3 days within Catalonia and 2-4 days within Europe.
In case you supply an incorrect delivery address supplementari fees may occur, and should be payed by the buyer.

3. Payment

Easy and save payment methods.

1. Visa o Mastercard, credit cards via TPV of Banco Santander S.A
This way our check out payment takes you to Banco Santander S.A. payment page where encrypted protocols are applied, over an SSL layer.

2. Wire transfer to our account of Banco Santander, IBAN ES45 0049 1789 72 2290009951, for total amount or your order. Once we recieve your ttransfer, your order will be processed and delivered.

4. Overseas orders

As stated on first point of this page, all overseas order should not be paid at first stage.
You will get and email from us with clear transport fees, etc... so that you can be sure you agree to finish the order and get instructions to finalise your order by returning to the shop and check out the completed order.


5. Address, commercial name and nif
We remain available at our address, Carrer Girona, 90, 08009 Barcelona (Spain)

You will find us by the commercial name El Rebost català, under nif 46687593P.